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The Best Way to Get Ice off Your Windshield This Winter

Challenges You Might Face in the Harsh Winter Months

Once winter officially arrives, adverse weather and freezing temperatures can make safe travel difficult. Keeping traction while driving on snowy roads requires skill and good visibility, which is hard to achieve when your car’s windshield is coated in a sheet of ice every morning.

Klean Matters understands the frustration of wasting an extra 10 minutes every morning scraping the ice off of your car. That’s why we’ve compiled a few tricks to speed up the process. Let’s take a look!

How to Get Ice off Windshield

Without some extra help to soften ice crusted on your windshield, that scraper can scratch and damage your windshield. Applying store-bought solutions can help soften the ice and accelerate the de-icing process.

Our recommended option:

  • Commercial de-icing spray: While more expensive than other homemade de-icers, commercially made de-icers typically are more effective and safer for your car. Most of the time, these solutions
    contain methanol, which is the best alcohol for deicing.

Regardless of which commercial de-icer you choose to use on your car, all de-icers should be stored at room temperature in a house before and after use.

Pro tip: As a rule, you should never try to clear ice from a windshield using a bucket of water. Cold water will only make the issue worse and hot water could crack your windshield from thermal shock.

Every time you de-ice your car, you should start letting it warm up a few minutes before applying the deicing solution and have the windshield defroster running with the temperature set to the warmest setting to help the de-icer work faster. Once you begin the deicing process, only use a plastic scraper to remove the ice. Metal scrapers can damage your windshield and leave gouges in the glass.

Stop the Ice from Sticking Before It Becomes a Problem

If you’re looking to get ice off a windshield without a scraper, avoiding the issue entirely is the best way to prevent damage to your windshield. If you can store your car indoors overnight, that is the best option, but if you don’t have an indoor garage or parking area there are other ways to protect your windshield.

Ensure clear visibility on the road

While on the go, replacing your windshield washer solvent with deicer will save you from losing visibility in the case of a winter storm. If you’re anticipating heavy snow and ice this winter season, replace your current windshield wipers with some heavy-duty winter wipers to boost your windshield defroster’s efficiency.

Where to Find Windshield Washer Solvent

At Klean Matters, we offer few different windshield washer solvent options that are effective in varying degrees of extreme cold. Let’s look at some of the benefits:

Champion -20°F Windshield Washer Solvent & Deicer:

  • Protects to -20° F
  • Improves visibility with streak-free cleaning power
  • Helps repel road spray
  • Removes snow, ice, grime and bugs
  • Made for use in warm and cold weather

Champion -30°F Windshield Washer Solvent & Deicer:

  • Protects to -30° F
  • Improves visibility with streak-free cleaning power
  • Helps repel road spray
  • Removes snow, ice, grime and bugs
  • All season formula

Before purchasing, it’s best to consider the climate you live in and the severity of the inclement weather you may face this winter.

Find a store location near you or contact us to learn more about our available products.

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