Arocep products provide the ultimate cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing power for your surfaces. Mainly used for pool cleaning, these pool cleaning products and pool chemicals will help you keep your pool clean and refreshing. Available in a variety of products, Arocep’s most popular and best-selling products include the Arocep Ultra Bleach, Arocep Clear Ammonia, Arocep All Purpose Cleaning Vinegar, and Arocep Glass Cleaner, all available from Kleanmatters.

Whether using the environmentally friendly Arocep All Purpose Cleaning Vinegar or the extra strength cleaning powered Arocep Ammonia, feel confident tackling any difficult cleaning job, including commercial use.

Are you interested in cleaning your pool? Arocep products are ideal for routine pool maintenance, as you can use these advanced products regularly. For instance, Arocep Germicidal Disinfectant Bleach 6% has an NSF/ANSI 60 certification for water treatment, so you can continually clean and disinfect the pool, preventing algae growth, all while sanitizing your pool. Plus, the Arocep All Purpose Cleaning Vinegar is an excellent option for cleaning the pools because it won’t stain your surfaces, leaving them free of dirt, grease, mineral, and calcium deposits.

Acid Blue

AcidBlue’s products offer a safer alternative for pool cleaning, especially when working with muriatic acid for pools. The AcidBlue Next Generation of Muriatic Acid, available at Kleanmatters, is formulated using AcidBlue’s Skin Protec™ formula that prevents skin from being severely burned, and the Vapor Reduction Technology (VRT)™ utilized during the manufacturing process creates a muriatic acid that is a lot more user friendly.

But what does muriatic acid do for pools? Muriatic acid for swimming pools ensures the water chemistry is safe, helps to reduce pH levels when too high, and lowers the pool’s alkalinity. Beyond keeping your pool water safe and clean, it can also help clean surfaces and pools with cartridge filters.


This strong acid should be appropriately added to pools to avoid severe burns and injury from skin, eyes, or respiratory tract contact if fumes are inhaled. When using muriatic acid for pools correctly, it is a safe and essential product when maintaining a pool’s pH and total alkalinity.

Champion pool cleaning

Champion’s pool products are tried and true additives to keep your pool sparking clean and safe. From lowering pH levels in your pool or spa to complete swimming pool water treatment or cleaning concrete and masonry surfaces, Champion products do it all.

A range of cleaning and sanitizing Champion products are available from Kleanmatters. Shop our top-selling Liquid Chlorine for Pools that will be your first choice to effectively eliminate harmful bacteria, algae, and other contaminants. Discover the Champion pH Down Ready to Use Water Balancer that makes balancing your pool water quick and efficient, with no mixing required, and can be used in salt and conventional pools. It’s the safest way to lower pH levels in pools and spas.


Need to shock your pool? Champion’s Pool Shock 10% product is easy to use, affordable, and works faster than other products while not leaving behind a cloudy pool. This liquid pool chlorinator is one of the best options for instant pool cleaning results. 


Kleanmatters is proud to offer customers Majestic’s Bleach. This multi-purpose bleach is an effective deodorizer and powerful stain remover. Majestic’s Bleach is formulated for various cleaning purposes, including general cleaning, cleaning clothes while whitening and removing stains, and eliminating mildew strains. It provides 3% bleach, so you can get to work cleaning anywhere that needs deep cleaning.


While chemically the same as pool-grade chlorine. This product may not have the same concentrations of chlorine necessary for effectively cleaning your swimming pool. Using the proper amount of bleach or chlorine in your pool will keep it sparkling clean and clear. 


Sunbrite has an assortment of vital cleaning products to keep in your home for sanitizing, disinfecting, deodorizing, and more. From Sunbrite Disinfectant Bleach 6% to Sunbrite Clear Ammonia, and Sunbrite All Purpose Cleaning Vinegar, Kleanmatters offers a range of your favorite Sunbrite products in our inventory.

No matter what room you decide to tackle for your next deep clean, Sunbrite has the best product for kitchen, bathroom, laundry, odor removal, and equipment cleaning purposes. For instance, Sunbrite All Purpose Cleaning Vinegar does it all. It can be used to clean and deodorize countertops, garbage cans, garbage disposals, sinks, and drains, and removes hard water stains, odors, and soap scum from stainless steel, ceramic, tubs, toilets, showers, and much more.


While Sunbrite’s Clear Ammonia is notorious for removing grease, soap scum, and mildew stains, it can also clean your tarnished brass and silver. Sunbrite is proud to offer customers specialty cleaning products that are nonabrasive and environmentally friendly. Whatever your cleaning needs are, Sunbrite is committed to providing customers with honest, safe cleaning products.

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