Arocep is your complete commercial line of cleaning products that will tackle all your cleaning needs for your business.  Products available – Germicidal Disinfectant Bleach, RTU Glass Cleaner Refill, All Purpose Cleaning Vinegar and Ammonia.

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The next generation of muriatic acid is finally here!  Now you have a safer alternative to perform tasks when standard muriatic acid is called for.

AcidBlue’s Skin Protec™ formula shields intact skin from being attacked and severely burned while the Vapor Reduction Technology (VRT)™ reduces up to 90% of the harmful vapors associated with standard muriatic acid.

Other Features and Benefits include:

  • Phosphate free
  • Effective pH adjuster in swimming pools and spas
  • Cleans pool filters, chlorine generators and meter electrodes
  • Excellent for acid washing pool & concrete surfaces without noxious fumes
  • Effective de-scaler, tile cleaner and porcelain cleaner
  • Removes stains from driveways, garage floors and more
  • Etches and brightens concrete & cleans mortar from bricks
  • Removes rust, scale, efflorescence and mineral buildup from concrete & masonry surfaces
  • Easier and safer during application, storage and shipping
  • Does not permeate through plastic bottle lowering the risk of corrosion to the storage area
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Champion brand products are your go to source when job calls for:

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Bleach for general cleaning, laundry – to whiten clothing and stain removal, mildew remover and much more…


Cleaning products that will help brighten your home and other cleaning needs…from bleach to ammonia to all purpose cleaning vinegar.

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