Winter Pool Prep

How to Winterize a Pool

The Right Time to Winterize Your Pool

Throughout the summer season, your pool has served as an oasis for joy and relaxation. But when the summer days begin to fade, it’s time to start preparing your pool for the chilly fall and winter months. Read this guide to learn how and when to get your in-ground or above-ground pool ready for winter.

How to Winterize a Pool

It’s important to winterize your pool before temperatures drop below freezing—usually, a good rule of thumb is to prep your pool for winter once the temperature is consistently around 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the time is right, follow these simple steps, and your pool will be ready for winter in no time at all.

Clean the Pool of Dirt and Debris
Begin by removing and cleaning all pool accessories and equipment, such as cleaners, steps, and ladders. Ensure all items are thoroughly clean and dry before you store them. Then, clean your pool thoroughly by removing all dirt and debris. This can be accomplished with skim nets to clear the surface of the water, a pool vacuum for the bottom of the pool, and a pool brush to clean the sides and floor of the pool. Once your pool is clean, make sure you cover it so that it stays in good condition.
Balance the Pool with Chemicals – pH Balancer
One week before you close your pool, test the water chemistry to ensure the pH level is between 7.2 and 7.6, the total alkalinity is between 80 and 120 parts per million (PPM), and the calcium hardness level is between 180 and 220 PPM. Make sure you balance the alkalinity before the pH level, and err on the higher side for each of these measurements, as the levels will naturally decrease over time.
A crucial part of preparing your pool to be closed is to “shock the pool,” which involves adding shock and algaecide to kill bacteria and algae, respectively. Make sure to follow the directions on the shock and algaecide you buy, allow 4 to 6 hours to circulate between shocking the pool and using the algaecide. Both should be applied by pouring around the entire pool surface. Finally, make sure you distribute the chemicals in the pool evenly, not just in one spot. Not sure where to get supplies to shock your pool? Shop our collection of high-quality pool shocks from top-tier brands like Champion, Proclor, and CDS.
Begin by inserting a conical hose connector fitted to a shop vac or blower into the return lines at the pump, then blow out the return lines into the pool. Once there’s not much water left in the lines, insert a threaded plug or rubber expansion plug. You should fill the lines with Champion Pool Antifreeze, following the pool manufacturer’s instructions, to make sure your pool lines are fully protected from a freeze. Repeat these steps with the skimmer and skimmer line, and insert a skimmer plug to prevent water from entering the line.
Place A Cover on Top of the Pool
Finally, place a safety cover or winter cover on the pool. Safety covers need to be anchored down, and they provide the most protection from corrosion and debris. Winter covers are less protective, but easier to install. Once you’ve chosen and installed your cover, ensure it is tight-fitting, secure, and doesn’t have any holes or tears.

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