Champion Pool Shock 10%

Pool Shock

Champion Pool Shock 10% Product Information:

Champion Pool Shock 10% is the go-to product for pool owners dealing with algae blooms, cloudy water, or a drop in chlorine levels. It’s a powerful oxidizer that quickly restores water clarity and eliminates impurities. Regular use of pool shock keeps your pool water sparkling and inviting.

Size: 1 gallon

Case Pack: 4

Liquid Pool Shock Features and Benefits:

  • Instant gratification when added to the pool – Less wait time to swim.
  • Does not cloud the pool
  • Ready to use – No mixing is required
  • Less expensive to use than granular
  • No settling on the bottom of the pool which creates stains
  • No scaling – Scaling from granular can lead to excessively high calcium/stabilizer levels which can cause scaling
  • Liquid pool chlorinator is one of the best options to reduce cyanuric acid levels

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